Low Prices

Low Prices

Certificate of Authenticity
DW Certificate

With all of our creations you will receive a certificate of authenticity that the carving / painting is created by DW, plus it will be signed by the artists that designed and created the work of art.

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Money Back Guarantee

Darkwood Woodcarving gives you a 100% money-back guarantee on all of our products (ar work). Why ...because we know you will love it!

Our Garantee to you
Return Policy
Return Policy

We except returns on all of our products within the first 30 days as long as it is not damaged due to abuse or improper use.

Return Policy
Custom Orders

It all starts with an Email or Call. Contact us and let us know what you are thinking. We will work with you to build the design for your requirements.

Email: gary@dwcarving.com

Phone: (506) 238-1398

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You can order through Facebook

You can start the conversation ref a possible custom order through facebook messenger.

Design Process is free
Free Design Process

The design process is a free service we provide for you. Once we agree on a design and you are ready to order. You will be required to pay a 50% deposit  

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DW Woodcarving Custom Orders

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