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Wildlife Woodcarvings 

Our wildlife page is full of Fish, birds and very uniquely Canadain fictional animals such as the 10 point trout. Lots of fun creating new fun designs as well as the old classics that we all enjoy.

Visit our Wildlife Carvings
Epoxy art
Epoxy Art

Our very cool new epoxy resin art page has some new designs, with new ones coming every month. Resin is an absorbing medium to work. Click on the image above to see more of our resin art or wall art.

Epoxy Resin Art
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Carved Furniture

This page is where we design and hand-carved solid oak furniture. Our designs draw from all styles, including medieval to contemporary. Come on in and check us out!

Visit our Furniture Carving Page
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Carved Doors

Our carved doors are genuinely unique and one of a kind. Indoor or outdoor and including carved cedar screen doors. Each one is designed for it's a new owner, or you can select from our standard designs, a must-see.

Visit our very cool Carved Doors
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Architectural Woodcarvings

Our Architectural page has lots of design options for around the house, both inside and outside. Everything from Mantel designs to purely Canadian door ornamental frames.

Visit our Architectural Carvings
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Christmas Woodcarvings

Our Christmas page, it just too much fun, loads of tree and wall ornaments, including lots of Santas. Coming this year is our carved village with interactive options. You have to check this page out!

Visit our Christmas Carvings
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Challenge Coin Display

Our Challenge Coin Display page has several standard designs you can choose from or order something unique just for you; custom orders are available. Come on in and have a look around.

Visit our Challenge Coin Page
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Whimsical Woodcarvings

The whimsical page includes the art of Bark Carving plus so much more from Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings influenced carings such as the green dragon to fairy doors, and so much more.

Visit our Whimsical Carvings Page
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DW Clocks 

DW Clocks is our carved clock page from Canadian design Cuckoo Clocks to our carved wall clocks with a whimsical design. All hand-carved and hand-painted, this is a must-see.

Visit DW Clocks Page
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Climate Change Art

Climate Change is one of our most chalaging events that we currently have to deal with in our times. THis is not somthing we can just walk away from. It's not coming it's hear! Now lets deal with it.

Visit our Climate Change Art
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Kitchen Decor

Kitchen Decor page has cutting boards, Carved wooden spoons and carved spoon displays. We are making a large selection to choose from; our spoons are all made with food-safe material.

Visit our Kitchen Decor Page
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COVID-19 Art

This page will be out soon, May 2020. The art contained within is designed to remind us of the challenges and hardships. That we all are going through as this Pandemic travels across the world.

Visit our COVID-19 Carvings
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Carved Wall Mirrors

Our Wall mirror page has our uniquely Canadain wall mirrors and several mirrors influenced by our life in Germany years ago. From hockey mirrors to very cool wildlife mirrors and Lighthouse mirrors.

Visit our Carved Wall Mirrors Page
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Home Decor, is where we hold all of our home and houshold style carvings, from smark phone holders to eyeglasses holders to coat and key racks and so much more with new ideas and carvings every week.


Visit Home Decor
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Custom Carved Urns

This is a custom urn that was completed in early 2020. That said, we will build carve and paint custom designs. All you need is an idea, and we will work with you to create that incredible family history.Click the link below to email us to start the ball rolling.

Darkwood Email
Carved House signs
Click on the image above to see more

New to 2020 our carved house sign designs, that said, being a designer, woodcarver and painter we can make just about any design.

To see more click this button
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